Migrating to a Cloud Data Architecture

From Legacy to Cloud for Lightning-Fast Analytics and Secure Data Sharing

Are you planning to join the growing number of companies which have already started to realise the benefits that migrating to a modern cloud data-architecture can bring?

Covid accelerated the wave of data warehouse migration to cloud because workforces need access to centralised data and timely insight from anywhere. Migration to the Cloud will continue because of its many benefits, including: accessibility, performance, scalability & elasticity, resilience, functionality and cost of ownership.
A well architected and executed migration of your legacy data and analytics infrastructure should deliver improvements in all of these areas and (believe it or not) often more robust security than your legacy on-premise systems.
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It is expensive and complicated to architect traditional database technologies for performance and resilience and many legacy data warehouses have become silos, confined to the corporate network.  
Configured correctly, cloud data architectures can deliver performance once only available with esoteric hardware solutions, but at a fraction of the price and administrative overhead. A lift-and-shift approach rarely delivers the expected improvements, however, and the opportunity should be taken to rearchitect to take full advantage of cloud technologies and approaches.
Our experienced consultants can play an essential role in ensuring that you maximise your investment in cloud technologies and can help you to approach things differently, according to your specific objectives and requirements. 
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SDG Group, with you every step of the way

SDG Group is a global data and analytics consultancy. Wherever you are on the journey of migrating your data architecture to the cloud, we can assist you to progress. We can help you to plan the migration of your on-premise data and analytics facilities, design and implement the cloud architecture for you, integrate with on-premise and cloud-based systems, incorporate data catalogue and data governance solutions, enable secure data sharing with internal and external stakeholders, extend capabilities into self-service dashboards and advanced analytics or even source the whole data and analytics platform as a managed service.
We have expertise in migrating from on-premise or cloud-based data architectures to major cloud platforms and cloud-native solutions and we can help you to avoid the pitfalls of taking the wrong approach. We can work with you to estimate your resource usage and to configure key components to balance your performance and financial objectives.
If you have already migrated your data architecture to the Cloud, are you experiencing the performance and financial benefits outlined above? If not then we may be able to help by optimising the architecture and configuration.

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