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MODS is an ACCELERATOR FRAMEWORK, created by SDG Group and Powered by Matillion. It enables our consultants to significantly reduce the time it takes to onboard and consolidate internal and 3rd party data, whilst expediting the delivery of actionable insights.

MODS enables SDG professional services to deliver value quickly whilst following best-practice.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors we are able to use MODS to rapidly onboard data sources commonly used by life-sciences companies and then deliver data-driven solutions such as:

  • Healthcare Professional engagement – next best action

  • Omnichannel sales force effectiveness analysis

  • Market and share of market analysis

  • Omnichannel spend optimisation

  • Demand-adjusted supply chain optimisation
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Technical highlights of the framework include:

  • Automatic discovery and schema drift management

  • Support for any audit scenario with inbuilt fault tolerance

  • Observability framework to audit any transformation or data processing workflow

  • High availability accelerator to support production deployments

  • Major social media and third-party data sources supported to enable a 360-degree view

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