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We have over 25 years of experience in delivering solutions that help organisations to make better, data-driven, decisions!

SDG Group enabling the Public & Private Sectors to make better, data-driven decisions!

SDG group since its beginning has been working with Public & Private Sector organisations which have always had to face a regulatory and technical situation which is extremely complex and in a state of constant fluctuation. SDG Analytics solutions applied in this area of organisations are essential in order to control such complex flows. In addition to economic and financial control, technical measures and indicators are needed.

Below you can find some useful information about how SDG Group have been innovative and are really leading the way by helping private and public sector organisations to utilise their own data and external data to make better decisions!


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Telemedicine SDG Blog

From simple self-diagnosis apps to fundamental tools. Some technological innovations have assumed a new role in recent months due to the health emergency.
In this context, telemedicine has been growing fast.  SDG Group has focused its work on the opportunities offered by the application of Artificial Intelligence in telemedicine.

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This project is a unique innovation in the field of digital preventive healthcare and artificial intelligence. Our partnership with Generali is fully aligned with our mission - inspiring innovation and supporting our clients, their clients and the whole community by taking full advantage of advanced analytics solutions.

Empowerment through Digital Health

Empowerment through Digital Health is one of WHO/Europe’s flagship initiatives. And WHO/Europe has identified 4 flagship initiatives to complement the European Programme of Work, which sets out health priorities for the coming 5 years. SDG's DocDot solution was identified as one of these innovations.

These flagship initiatives are intended as accelerators of change, mobilizing around critical issues that feature prominently on the agendas of Member States and for which high-visibility, high-level political commitment can be transformative.

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